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A Bikram Hot Yoga Class can leave you wanting to skip through the streets yelping for kale juice.

In your car driving home after a hot yoga class you might let out an uncontrollable joy-cry of "Oh my God, I feel so flippin' ALIVE!"

Maybe it's the benefits of sweating, or the nifty Bikram Yoga weight loss, but I know that whenever you find an activity that makes you feel this good….you get kind of into it.

Obsessed. Addicted.

You want to get online after class because you want to know


Well, we are here for you, People.

Hot Yoga People.

Core Power Yoga People.

Barkan Method People.

Sweaty Yoga People.

Fire Yoga Folks.

Hot Vinyasa Flow People.

Moshka Yoga People.

Beginner Yoga People.

The internet is a vast place. There is lots of information out there about hot yoga, but it's often buried deep within regular yoga sites.

We are here to bring hot yoga into the spotlight. To tease the hot yoga information out of the regular yoga information, and bring it to you in a highly filtered, researched, and well presented way.

What is Offered here:

  • In depth information on bikram yoga health benefits, the 26 poses or postures, calories burned in hot yoga, etc.
  • Updates on current and relevant releases of Bikram industry news, articles, retreats, products sales, etc.
  • Guidance on which yoga products, such as hot yoga kits, are needed and/or recommended specifically for heat yoga practices
  • Product reviews and recommendations for which brands of mats, towels, clothing and water bottles are best in the hot room
  • Studio reviews and (eventually) discounted offers for new students to join studios
  • Answers to your questions about bikram hot yoga like "Do guys where shirts?" and "What is this heated room yoga, anyway?"
  • I offer advertisers and studios a highly select audience of heated yoga enthusiasts
  • Info on how to practice away from the studio with a Bikram Yoga DVD
  • Shop our curated selection of bikram yoga clothing including hot yoga shorts and tops

Who this site if for:

  • People who do bikram hot yoga a lot
  • People who do heated yoga sometimes
  • People who have never even heard of Bikram
  • People who are researching different types of yoga
  • People exploring yoga for beginners
  • Hot Yoga Instructors
  • Studio Owners
  • Vendors who sell hot yoga clothes
  • Vendors selling Hot Yoga products like yoga mats
  • Vendors wanting to reach a highly targeted hot yoga audience

I Dig Bikram Yoga
Greatly Appreciates and Thanks
Our Hot Yoga Affiliate Partners

so....who is the (wo)man behind the curtain?

I am Kristen Brooks, a Hot Yoga enthusiast.

I LOVE hot yoga.

I am also a full-time pursuer of wellness and transformation. I support clients by offering curated information and one-on-one coaching and consulting support.

I am constantly researching, exploring and trying new practices of personal growth and change.

When I find something that is powerful and transformative, I work to expand the energy of that thing. I promote it. I write content. I talk. I teach. I share.

I am also a connector. By promoting, I begin to attract people who are also moved by the transformative power of this thing. I then gather them and introduce them. Their collective energies now serve to rapidly expand the power of this transformative energy, further promoting its healing nature in the world.

That's how I offer my healing in the world.

Bikram Yoga is very transformative. So I made a website about it. I am expanding it's energy and it's transformative power. I am connecting enthusiasts of this type of yoga - yoga beginners, hard core Bikram people, instructors, studio owners, companies selling yoga products - in service of expanding the healing nature of this transformative hot yoga practice.

Let's collaborate.

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Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself. ~The Bhagavad Gita

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