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Maybe it's the benefits of sweating, or the nifty weight loss that you may not even notice at first, but I know that whenever you find an activity that makes you feel this good….you get kind of into it...

Obsessed. Addicted. 

You want to get online after class because you want to know......

A Hot Yoga Class can leave you wanting to skip through the streets yelping for kale juice. 

In your car driving home after a hot yoga class you might let out an uncontrollable joy-cry of "Oh my God, I feel so flippin' ALIVE!"

more... MORE... M O R E!!!!!!

The internet is a vast place. There is lots of information out there about hot yoga, but it's often buried deep within regular yoga sites.

We are here to bring hot yoga into the spotlight. To tease the hot yoga information out of the regular yoga information, and bring it to you in a highly filtered, researched, and well presented way.

Well, we are here for you, People.

Hot Yoga People.

Core Power Yoga People.

Barkan Method People.

Sweaty Yoga People.

Fire Yoga Folks.

Hot Vinyasa Flow People.

Moshka Yoga People.

Beginner Yoga People.

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