Mens Yoga Clothes
Guide for Bikram or Hot Yoga

Mens yoga clothes options, especially for Bikram or hot yoga, is a sorely neglected topic…

...and you might be wondering:

Am I supposed to wear a shirt to a hot yoga class, OR NOT?

Well dear Fellas, here is the guide to hot yoga clothes for men that you have been seeking…





Most guys opt out of the shirt option while doing hot yoga. It's really hot. You won't stand out in there without a shirt. Go for it.

However, at some studios there may be more of a shirts-on culture. Or you may feel much more comfortable wearing a shirt. In that case, I recommend a sleeveless shirt that wicks away moisture. If you show up in a cotton t-shirt, you will be one wet and miserable dude.


Prana Men's JD Short

Easiest option for hot yoga shorts for men on the market:

Prana Men's JD Short

They offer the best combo of functionality, style, modesty and price (only $39)….just your basic, easy, practical pair of bikram yoga shorts.

If you would like to delve deeper into the fascinating world of mens yoga clothes, please read on.



The options for hot yoga clothing for men are simple:

What kind of shorts are you comfortable in?

When deciding what mens yoga clothes to wear to a Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga class, your options can be broken down into these 2 categories:

  • Style options of yoga clothes for men
  • Brands of mens yoga clothing appropriate for bikram yoga or hot yoga


What style of hot yoga shorts for men?

Easy. Ask yourself how tight and how short you want to go.

The best yoga clothes for men, for hot yoga, should be fairly fitted. It should be comfortable, make you feel comfortable about how you look, and wick away moisture.

Here is I-Dig-Bikram-Yoga's guide to Hot Yoga Short Styles for Men.

Board Shorts

Board Shorts - If you are trying hot yoga for the first time, then you'll want to wear whatever you've got. Board shorts are a good option because they are made for water play so they won't cling to you like cotton. Eventually, as you get more into the practice, you'll probably want shorts that are more fitted, shorter and wick more efficiently, but for now these are a fine place to start.

Tight Fitting - A style similar to bike shorts without the built-in seat padding. Many men prefer this style for hot yoga because it provides ease of movement without any concerns of possible peek-a-boo moments.

These shorts are from Yogabela.

mens yoga clothing, hot yoga shorts for men, mens bikram yoga shorts

Long & Formfitting - A safe bet. Great coverage while still providing excellent hot yoga functionality.

Prana Men's JD Short

are close to this style.

Shorts pictured to the left are from Yogabela.

For high heat, high intensity yoga sessions, grab the Zobha Men's Hot Yoga Shorts. These high performance shorts feature a flat, comfort-fit waistband as well as side panel detailing. Experience the superior breathability and performance of the Zobha Hot Yoga Shorts for men.

Supreme - The more you practice, the less you want to eventually you will probably find your way here.

Bikram Yoga transforms. Not just our bodies, but our images of our self and what is possible. What once seemed unthinkable (wearing eensy weensy hot yoga shorts in public) suddenly feels like a viable & comfortable choice.

These shorts are also from Yogabela.


Here are the common brands of mens yoga clothes that are available at the following online retailers:


Shakti is a brand that specializes in highly functional and very respected hot yoga clothing. They have a great selection of both men's shorts and capri length pants.


Lululemon. Of course. The Queen of yoga wear (or King, in this case) offers a perfectly suited Hot Yoga Short that their sites notes will let you "Roam free...but not too free." Cute. So are the shorts.


Prana Men's JD Short

I like how this site describes them: very functional while still providing a "classic, low-profile" look. That means they are the perfect shorts as you make your way from the back of the class to right in front of those mirrors!

Prana Men's JD Short

Prana Men's JD Short

John Friend helped us develop the JD Short for men, a yoga short specifically for intense practice. We used pliable recycled polyester with 10%% spandex for 4-way stretch with an elastic waistband. Available only in black with contrasting blue chain stitch and logo to celebrate John's favorite color.

Phat Buddha

Not for the modest, but definitely for the serious. I bet the fit yogi guys in NYC are wearing these for sure.


Scroll down to the "square cuts" section. These are the trendy, unique and practical shorts they sell in the lobbies of hot yoga studios. Love them.

Pistol Pete

These shorts are among the most unique mens hot yoga shorts out there...

FYI though - don't be dissuaded that this site slightly resembles soft porn on first glance. If you can tune out the buff young models and focus on just the shorts, you'll see some great stuff.


Vickerey is an online store, not a brand, but I really like their selection of hot yoga clothing for men. They break it down in an easy to digest visual for easy comparing and shopping.

Hooray for men, hooray for hot yoga and hooray for great options in mens yoga clothes!

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Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being yourself. ~The Bhagavad Gita

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